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We make Connex a brilliant place to work…

You may be surprised to hear that we believe your work-life should be as enjoyable and rewarding as possible (it takes up far too much time to be anything else).

Which is why we have a very relaxed view of all the stuff that doesn’t matter. Artificial dress codes, for example, aren’t high on our list; we like you to feel comfortably yourself while you are at work. But we do take a very serious approach to all the things that affect our client schools…and you.

Apparently, not all employers are like this, especially when it comes to working in recruitment, which is rather strange, don’t you think?

If you like the thought of being able to wake up happy that it’s a work day, knowing you are well trained, well looked after and very well paid – we’ll be well happy to meet you. Oh, and there are plenty of other benefits too.

Well, the chance of a better work-life balance, what are you waiting for?

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