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Looking for staff

We are the supply teacher agency which understands…

Life’s tough enough, without a headache as well.

We know how hard – and how vital – it is to find good staff at short notice to cover a gap. It’s the number one regular headache associated with the day-to-day running of a school.

We also know how important it is to good supply teachers that their agency takes the trouble to find them appropriate placements.

At Connex we take those headaches away. We spend our time doing that searching so schools don’t have to. And we are very picky about who we take on our books. We think quality is the key to our success. (And yours). And we have quality – in quantity.

When schools need someone excellent with a specialism in a curriculum area or shortage subject, or a teacher at short notice, or a teaching assistant to support a class or individual child – we can help. We have short term supply staff, long-term placements and even offer permanent recruitment. And schools can have absolute confidence that our staff have been fully vetted before they arrive.

We work closely to get the best matches.

We go out of our way to get to know our staff and our schools so we can make the best matches. We make sure we understand both parties’ needs and find the right staff, who’ll be a real help – every time they are placed.

We provide:

  • Primary staff
  • Secondary staff
  • SEN staff
  • Nursery staff
  • Teaching assistants & support staff

We successfully place thousands of teachers, teaching assistants, NQTs and nursery nurses every year. Our matches are so good that often our placement becomes permanent in a school we’ve put them with. Happily, our recruitment programme keeps up with these losses through links with universities and colleges, career fairs and events, reward-based candidate and client referrals, and extensive advertising.

In other words, we keep very busy tackling the headache of finding excellent staff – and the right work for them – so you don’t need to.

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