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Q&A with Director Alex Powell

Alex started working in recruitment at Connex in April 2004 and has worked with primary, secondary and SEN schools. Read on to find out more about Alex!

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International Women’s Day: Women in Education

In September 2017 around 30,000 more women than men started on university courses (source: The Guardian). This relates to all university courses, not just teaching – but when the Department of Education released school workforce statistics back in 2015, it indicated a progressive fall in the proportion of male teachers working in Britain, with just one in five teachers being men (source: The Telegraph). This was a drop from just five years earlier, when the ratio was one in four teachers.

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‘My Mini Egg’ Competition

We are running a special Easter themed competition for schools! Read on to hear more about the ‘My Mini Egg’ competition!

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Working in education recruitment: everything you need to know about Rachel!

Rachel Nursery deskRachel is Connex’s Nursery Consultant for the North West! Read on to find out more about Rachel and her take on working in education recruitment.

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Merseyside branch relocates

Our Merseyside branch has moved offices!

To accommodate the growth we’re currently experiencing at Connex, we have moved to an office more suitable for our needs. Our new location is: 31-33 Trident House, Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 2HF, a stone’s throw from Moorfields station, which is where we will be welcoming all our new and existing candidates in 2018!

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Half Term Heroes

The supply staff who are working their socks off are the ones who are rewarded most at Connex… take a peek at who we selected as our Half Term Heroes!

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Connex Education expands in to North Wales

We are excited to share with our community that we are expanding our services to cover North Wales!

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What do you want from your teaching agency?

Here at Connex, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service – if you’ve been with us before or are currently using our services, we’d really appreciate your feedback.

We couldn’t possibly deliver the highest standards without hearing what you have to say – we’re the best, because we care.

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“Why do I need a plenary?”


Emma is a qualified teacher with twelve years’ experience in the classroom as both an English teacher and Head of Sociology. Emma is also mum to three children in the state education system and she also writes at Emma and 3

Today, she’s going to explain to us why a plenary is crucial, and then, we’ve got a little something for you too…

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Life lessons you’ll learn from supply teaching


Working on supply can provide you with a number of life lessons, but we picked up on three in particular, that stood out unanimously. While you’re busy planning engaging and intriguing lessons to feed the young minds of our future, reflect on what supply teaching has brought to your table too.

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