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Concord Education joins Connex

The Classroom Partnership (the trading vehicle of Connex Education) has commenced the New Year with its latest acquisition. It has acquired the trading business of Concord Education as part of its continued agglomeration exercise.

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How to make a good first impression as a teacher

The new school year is nearly upon us and it’s nerve-wracking for any pupil but imagine being the teacher! Yes, starting in new surroundings can be a daunting prospect for even the most confident teacher. Which is why we have put together some ‘pearls of wisdom’ to ensure you get off to a flying start.

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Ideas for a great summer

The TV screen has been wheeled out, your pupils are excitedly buzzing in their seats waiting for the end of the day when they can burst out of the school gates into the arms of the awaiting summer holidays.

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Should lunch times be longer?

What do we know about food? As a nation, what is our food education? Only the other day I saw an illustration on LinkedIn with various tiers (like a cake!) and in each tier, rated from ‘God’ tier at the top to low tier at the bottom there were different types of food.

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How to handle an angry parent

Sometimes as teachers we’re faced with difficult scenarios outside of the classroom. One of the most nerve-racking and tense situations is when speaking with an angry parent. It can be especially difficult for new teachers who may never have encountered it before. However, it does get easier as you become more experienced and fortunately, it happens infrequently. Furthermore, there are techniques that you can use to manage the situation effectively.

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The importance of PPA time

The importance of planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time is being highlighted through teachers’ conversations up and down the country and in online forums. Why is it important and how can you ensure you’re receiving the right amount of time to carry out PPA activities?

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Teachers given money to improve retention

Teacher retention is and has been a major issue in the UK education system for some time. A report by the House of Commons Committee found there to be a failure to meet teacher recruitment targets over the last decade and the number of teachers leaving the profession is at record levels.

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Connex Education helps local school students with career skills

Connex Education in Nottingham recently attended an event at Ellis Guilford School to conduct mock interviews with year 11 students. The event saw experienced consultants from Connex provide expert advice on interviews and CV writing tips.

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The day in the life of a nursery nurse

What’s it like to work in a nursery?

Connex provides excellent early years staff to nurseries throughout the UK and in fact, we like to think we’re pretty good at it.

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Connex Liverpool moves into new office

Connex Education has moved into a new, purpose-designed office in Liverpool city centre, in an easy to reach location for education candidates.

The new office encompasses the East Suite in Temple Square on Dale Street in the heart of the centre of Liverpool’s business district. It is easily accessible for candidates via public transport with Moorfield Station only a thirty-second walk away.

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